Who are some of the Speakers?

Artur Kordon

One more reason to join the conference. In the discussion panel "Data Science for Business", you will meet Arthur Kordon. We can say a lot of things for him. He is working in Miami, USA in the area of analysis. Arthur Kordon is chief executive officer at Kordon Consulting LLC and he lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our last meeting with Arthur was in August 2017, when he share his experience of Computational intelligence for Business in front of Students of Varna Free University and business representatives, part of ICT Cluster Varna.

He is also an authour of the books
- Applying Computational Intelligence
- Applied Data Mining for Forecasting Using SAS

Marta Seebauer

Seebauer Márta is our special guest from Alba Regia Technical Faculty - Óbuda University, Hungary. She will represent proven practices in the area of the Education in the Discussion Panel: Business <-> Universities.

Marta has many friends in a lot of universities in Bulgaria. Come to see her again in our event! Some of Marta`s skills and expertise are in the areas of: MATLAB Simulations, Robotics, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Networks, Parallel Programming, Human-Robot Interaction, Facility Management, Fuzzy, Multiprocessing etc.

Amazing, right ?! We can't wait to meet and hear her!


Prof. Rossitza Marinova

One more person with HUGE experience will be a part of the discussion panel Business <-> Universities (Education and Research). Her name is Prof. ROSSITZA MARINOVA. She will share a good practices from Canada, so do not miss to cross the ocean with us on 22 of June!

More about her: Prof. Rossitza Marinova
/ Computational and Applied Mathematics /. Place of work: Concordia University of Edmonton, Canada. She is a partner of Varna Free University since 2014. As faculty member at Concordia University of Edmonton, Prof. Marinova's responsibilities include teaching and research in areas of Mathematics, Computing Science, and Information Technology. She is also one of our invited speakers in M.Sc. Data Science

Mariana Damova

Mariana Damova, PhD is the CEO of Mozaika, The Humanizing Technologies Lab, a company providing research and solutions in the field of data science, natural interfaces and human insight. Her background is in natural language processing, Semantic Web Technologies and AI, with strong academic and industrial record in North America and Europe, as C-level executive, having taught graduate courses and conducted research at several universities and lead international interdisciplinary teams with projects on various facets of knowledge management that carried technological risk. She holds a PhD from the University of Stuttgart, and a mini MBA from McGill University. She teaches currently Semantic Web Technologies at the New Bulgarian University and at Sofia State University, regularly reviews books and articles for ACM and has authored books and scientific articles in linguistics and semantic technologies.

Zahari Barbov

Zahari Barbov is Project Manager and Adastra Academy Lead at ADASTRA BULGARIA EOOD. You will meet him on the first day of the upcoming conference #SmartF2018.
He will have a key role in the Discussion Panel "Business <-> Universities (Education and Research)".

Zahari Barbov manages the cooperation between the company and the universities as part of the external knowledge sharing initiatives of Adastra Bulgaria. The company is also a partner of the master program of #DataScience at VFU /

Alexander Georgiev

Alexander Georgiev is working as a Machine Learning Engineer at SmartSoft.

His experience on this position is almost two years. He also is working with Computer Vision - Object Detection.

Alexander is studying at Technical University - Varna and is a Chairman of Students’ IT Club at the university.

Also he is one of the winners of QUERYADA 2017 ( National competition for Data Mining ) in the category "Relational databases"

Ilian Fridman

Ilian Fridman will represent PROFUSION on the discussion panel "Data Science for Business". Ilan Fridman did his PhD in Theoretical Physics, coding up calculations to make predictions for how new particles which might appear at the Large Hadron Collider would look like in the data. Since then he has been working as a Research Fellow in Data Science, trying to predict London house prices based on Airbnb reviews, predicting the probability of people cycling to school/work using a given route and predicting the probability which customers will return within a future timeframe, amongst other similar projects. On the conference Dr Fridman will present a novel application of a survival analysis technique known as landmark modelling to a large transactional data set from a retailer in order to produce dynamic predictions for the short-term probability of purchase for any given customer.

Yavor Arnaudov

As a Sea Capital of Bulgaria, the city of Varna have an important role in the Marine Industry. But do you know that Data Science and the Marine Industry are close related? And do you know how they are related?

Yavor Arnaudov will comment the AI Trends in Marine Industry. He did his PhD in Applied Physics at Warwick University, looking for ways to improve and automate the process of non-destructive testing in the Marine Industry. He is now a Project Manager at Compac Ltd, and has expertise in the areas of IIOT for the Marine Industry.

Do not miss him! Yavor Arnaudov will represent Compac, a leading company in marine engine performance measurement.

Eleonora Tankova

Prof. Tankova has professional interests in the fields of change management and globalisation of economics. She is one of the creators and leading mentors of the University Acceleration Program and the head of new VFU master degree program in Еntrepreneurship in partnership with Bulgarian Еntrepreneurship Center.

Galina Momcheva

Assoc. Prof. Galina Momcheva is the Head of the Department of Computer Science and Economic at Varna Free University and the Chairman of ICT Cluster - Varna.

She is the founder of the M.Sc. Data Science @Varna Free University.

Her professional interests are in the area of Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Science, and UI/UX.

She is a visioner and mentor of many people in their career and research development.

Veselina Spasova

Dr. Veselina Spasova is leading lecturer in Databases and Software Engineering at VFU. She is certified DPO (Data Protection Officer).

She is the founder of M.Sc. Digital Marketing and Web Design.

Silvia Nikolova

Silvia has been working with 411 Marketing for nearly 8 years, but she has more than 10 years of combined experience in the field of online marketing. Although she started as an SEO specialist, Silvia quickly moved to leadership positions and had the opportunity to manage and lead several departments along the way. She is now the Director of Client Marketing.

Her RICH experience in various positions in a digital agency will give you a complete insight into the work and challenges of the digital world!

411 Marketing has long-term partnerships with #VFU and students of Digital Marketing and Web Design undergoing internships as part of the their Masters program of Digital Marketing

Dimi Ilieva

We are happy to introduce you Dimi Ilieva. She will participate in the conference Science and Business for Smart Future #SmartF2018 on 23-th June.

Dimi Ilieva started her online marketing career as a Digital PR in one of the first digital marketing agencies in Varna back in 2010.

As the Marketing Director at Fantastic Services Bulgaria, for the last 4 years, she has had the chance to meet, work with and personally recruit and train many talents in the digital marketing field. Working for different markets on 3 continents, she knows from experience what global digital marketing skills are needed for modern businesses to succeed.

Yoanna Dimova

An amazing HR Supervisor from Fantastic Services Bulgaria will participate in the conference #SmartF2018 on 23-th June. We will have the opportunity to see her in the discussion Panel - #HRs (IT/Software Companies) meet Career Consultants.

As an HR Supervisor, Yoanna has over 4 years experience in the area of talent management and recruitment. Over 300 promising professionals have trusted her to find them the perfect spot in the area of sales, finance, marketing and IT. She has provided 11 training sessions about career orientation and tips on how to be a top candidate.

Milen Sotirov

Be part of #SmartF2018 and don't miss out the participation of Milen Sotirov from 411 Marketing on the second day of the Conference!

He will share the information you need to make the right decisions in the HR Panel: #DigitalMarketing Skills Set! Milen holds the position of Training Department Manager at 411 Marketing.
Developing and growing company's employee on the field of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and web development are among his main responsibilities. His career started as an Associate lecturer. Now, Milen has more than 10 years experience as educator, career advisor, youth mentor and marketing professional.

Dilyan Grigorov

Do not miss your chance to level up your SEO skills in 2 Master classes during the #SmartF2018 on 23rd of June!

☑Technical SEO
☑Generation and Management of Digital Content

You'll learn the latest in trends from across the digital marketing spectrum with SEO experts from Serpact - Dido Grigorov!

Nikola Minkov

Do not miss your chance to level up your SEO skills in 2 Master classes during the #SmartF2018 on 23rd of June!

Nikola from Serpact will present his huge experience from On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO to the power of Semantic text optimization for Google and Content strategy.

You'll leave these Master classes knowing the key elements that will deliver maximum SEO success!


Purpose of the CONFERENCE

Science and Business for Smart Future, Varna Free University

The International Business Conference "Science and Business for Smart Future" will present trends, best practices and collaborative researches between science and business to promote and enhance business confidence in the capabilities of scientific organizations, as well as stimulating partnership. The work of the conference will be organized in discussion panels with accompanying poster session, networking and master classes.

Science and Business for Smart Future, Varna Free University

Discussion Panels:

• Business - Universities (Education and Research)
• Data Science for Business;
• Digital Marketing in Favour of the City
• Neuromarketing.

Science and Business for Smart Future, Varna Free University

Master Classes:

• Technical SEO – Nikola Minkov, Serpact
• Generation and Management of Digital Content – Dilyan Grigorov, Serpact



Who is eligible to join?


During the conference different universities will reveal their partnerships with the businesses and companies of different types. This conference is the best place for new collaborations, new contacts and contracts! ;)


Business representatives and CEOs will show their best practices in different areas: Informatics, Data Science, Analysis, Digital Marketing, Human Resources etc. Do not miss the opportunity to advertise your business infront of a very appropiate audience! CONTACT US TO JOIN!


Students, part of different bachelors and masters programs will be a part of the conference. They will represent themselves and/or will have the opportunity to make a face to face meetings with business representatives.


In the different panels of the conference business experts with wide area of skills and experiences will speak about the modern technologies and the best practices. You will meet experts from lots of areas. CONTACT US TO JOIN!


Take a close look to the UPCOMING CONFERENCE


  • June 22, 2018
    Data Science for Business
  • 1.

    9:00 h


  • 2.

    10:00 h

    Opening Ceremony

  • 3.

    10:30 h to 12:00 h

    Discussion Panel: Business <-> Universities (Education and Research)
    Meet some of our panelists:
    Marta Seebauer, Zahari Barbov, Eleonora Tankova, Henrik Nordmark, Rossitza Marinova

  • 4.

    13:00 h to 15:30 h

    Discussion Panel: Data Science for Business
    Meet some of our panelists:
    Arthur Kordon, Mariana Damova, Ilian Fridman

  • 5.

    16:00 h to 17:00 h

    HR Panel: Data Science Skills Set
    Meet some of our panelists:
    Arthur Kordon, Galina Momcheva

  • 6.

    17:00 h to 17:45 h

    Data Science Community, ICT Cluster – Varna, JCI BG, Innovator

  • 7.

    17:45 h to 18:00 h

    R&D Poster Session

  • 8.

    18:00 h

    Networking & Matching Session
    Business Forum Cocktail


  • June 23, 2018
  • 1.

    9:30 h to 10:30 h

    Digital Marketing in Favour of the City

    Meet some of our panelists:
    Silvia Nikolova

  • 2.

    10:20 h

    Awarding Ceremony
    President of Varna Free University Prof. D.Sc. Anna Nedyalkova awards the winners of the VFU Scholarship program "I will study and succeed in Bulgaria"

  • 3.

    10:45 h to 11:20 h



    10:45 h to 11:20 h

    Discussion Panel: MEDIA – Guilty or Not? Journalists Forum

  • 4.

    11:20 h to 11:45 h

    GDPR Impact on Digital Marketing

    Meet some of our panelists:
    Veselina Spasova, Phd; DPO


    11:20 h to 11:45 h

    Discussion Panel: MEDIA – Guilty or Not? Journalists Forum

  • 5.

    13:00 h to 14:00 h

    HR Panel: Digital Marketing Skills Set
    Meet some of our panelists:
    Dimi Ilieva, Yoanna Dimova, Milen Sotirov


  • 6.

    14:00 h

    Technical SEO
    Meet some of our panelists:
    Nikola Minkov


    14:00 h

    Generation and Management of Digital Content
    Meet some of our panelists:
    Dilyan Grigorov

  • 7.

    14:00 h

    Discussion Panel: HRs (IT/Software Companies) meet Career Consultants (University/School)


How to join the CONFERENCE

Science and Business for Smart Future, Varna Free University

Publications registration deadline: 5th June 2018
Participant’s registration deadline (without publication): 15th June 2018
Additional Information: ass. prof. Veselina Spasova, Ph.D.
e-mail: |
phone: +359 52 359574



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